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Our ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Services

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The MindSource Center offers intensive behavioral interventions for autism, one of which is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Clients we serve for ABA include children and adults on the Autism Spectrum whose skills may range from very low to very high, and may or may not be accompanied by problem behaviors. Some clients who do not have an autism spectrum diagnosis may also benefit from ABA services, and we treat many with complex and co-occurring mental health conditions.

ABA services we provide include:
  • Comprehensive psychoeducational assessment
  • Program development and monitoring
  • Staff training and supervision
  • Family education and training
  • IEP development and consultation
  • School consultation
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration with service providers

Each individual’s (“student’s”) daily and weekly performance trends are closely tracked and evaluated, using empirically validated approaches to show measurable progress in student performance. Methodologies drawn from have all been shown to be highly effective with children with autism.

An ABA Program addresses all areas of a child’s development, including:

  • Imitation skills
  • Gross and Fine motor skills
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Intermediate and advanced language
  • Social Development
  • Activities of daily living skills
  • Academic skills
  • Behavioral skills
What is ABA?
Applied behavior analysis or ABA

– Applied behavior analysis (ABA) makes use of scientifically validated principles of learning theory to change socially significant behaviors. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. ABA is simply the application of behavioral principles, to everyday situations, that will, over time, increase or decrease targeted behaviors. On a practical level, the principles and methods of behavior analysis have helped many different kinds of learners acquire many different skills – from healthier lifestyles to the mastery of a new language. ABA has been used to help individuals acquire communication skills, self-help skills, and play skills. In addition, these principles can help to decrease maladaptive behaviors such as aggression, self-stimulatory behaviors, and self-injury.  ABA’s focus on social significance promotes a family-centered and whole-life approach to intervention.

ABA is a discipline that employs objective data to drive decision-making about an individual’s program. Data is collected on responses made by the individual to determine if progress is being made or not; if there is no progress under a particular intervention, the program is re-evaluated and modified so that the individual begins to make progress. ABA also includes the implementation of functional behavior assessment to identify environmental variables that maintain challenging behavior and allow for more effective interventions to be developed that reduce challenging behaviors and teach appropriate replacement behavior.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective treatment intervention for children on the Autism Spectrum, and may also be effective in treating other developmental disabilities.

Intensive Interventions for Autism: Other Approaches

Because there is no formula that works best with every child or with every family, we listen carefully to each client’s story, we offer choices and respect the decisions a family makes regarding the treatment approach that best fits their needs. All treatment options begin from a strengths-based model. This means that we appreciate each client’s uniqueness, goals, and interests, and we assume that growth is possible. Our family-focused intensive behavioral treatment programs may be customized, to address complex co-occurring mental health conditions, to focus on building skills needed for adulthood or the next stage of development, or may include modifications for other reasons. Additionally, we offer parent-based models, including relational-developmental approaches, parent coaching, parent training, and team collaborative models that involve coordination of care with other service providers.

Services we offer include:

How do I access ABA Services at MindSource Center?
  1. First of all, your child (or you, if you are the client) must have a qualifying neurodevelopmental diagnosis, such as autism. The diagnosis must have been recent (within the past 12 months), and been made by a medical doctor or licensed psychologist experienced in the diagnosing of neurodevelopmental disorders. If you do not have an updated diagnosis, or cannot locate sufficient documentation, please discuss this with us.
  2. The ABA treatment must be deemed medically necessary and appropriate to your child’s needs, and documentation to that effect, such as a prescription, may be provided by a medical doctor or licensed psychologist. Please inform us if you need assistance in obtaining this pre-approval.
  3. Your child (or you, if you are the client) must complete a comprehensive mental health intake by MindSource Center staff prior to beginning the ABA assessment. If your child has completed an autism evaluation or assessment elsewhere within the past 6 months, with recommendations for intensive behavioral intervention or ABA, you may not require a full intake assessment. Please provide us with the report and recommendations if a recent assessment was completed elsewhere.
  4. If you are concerned about missing or not being able to obtain any of the above supporting documentation, please let us know. We may be able to support you in confirming diagnoses, determining appropriateness of treatment, and/or determining medical necessity.

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