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Autism & Neurodevelopmental Specialty Services


Supporting Healthy Development From Diagnosis through Adulthood

If your life has been touched by a neurodevelopmental or autism spectrum disorder, we can help. At the MindSource Center, our services and specialty programs are designed to provide support and skill development for all family members. From initial diagnosis through adulthood, our team provides a variety of options for treatment and support, either individually or by working together in an integrated team approach. In addition to the services offered at our center, located southeast of Seattle, Washington, we offer home-based services and distance consulting, and consultation for schools and teams.

Our Autism & Neurodevelopmental Specialty Services

Autism Specialty Services for Children

A boy and his dogIf your child has been diagnosed with autism, learning, or a developmental disorder, or if you suspect your child may be impacted by one of these disorders, we offer a full range of services designed to support your child and family. Our intake team provides assessment and treatment recommendations, including educating you about your service options, both in your community and within our center. If needed, in depth evaluations provide diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, motivational problems, suspected attentional or hyperactivity problems, behavioral concerns, and medical/neurological problems that affect learning and behavior. Services we offer include:

Specialty Services for Teens & Young Adults


Build confidence for real world challenges

Services we offer:

  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Treatment for Video Gaming Addictions
  • Baby Steps to Adulthood: Transition Services for Teens & Young Adults


These customized services typically include a brief assessment, followed by recommendations and a treatment program, which focuses on skill development, connection with community resources, and building self-confidence. This program is geared to:

  • assess the client’s internal and external resources
  • focus on strengths and building resilience
  • develop skills for anxiety management, decision making & problem solving
  • address obstacles to success
  •  involve parents, friends, family members, and community resources when helpful
  • design an action plan with specific steps for all involved
  • provide supported practice opportunities, to ensure success

For Families 

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Harmonious families…happier lives

There is no formula that works best with every child or with every family. At MindSource Center, we believe in providing thorough assessments, educating parents, offering choices, and respecting decisions each family makes. The treatment options we offer families begin from a strengths-based model, which appreciates each person’s uniqueness, goals, and interests, and assumes that growth is possible. Our family-focused specialty programs utilize highly effective treatment methods, including traditional behavioral and research-based approaches. We offer both child-focused and parent-based intensive behavioral treatment programs, including relational-developmental approaches, parent coaching, parent training, and team collaborative models that involve coordination of care with other service providers. We offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and are a state licensed Autism/ABA treatment center. Because our staff is licensed and credentialed to provide autism services, your child’s autism treatment through MindSource Center may be covered by private health insurance.

Our family support programs are for those with family members of all ages and developmental levels, including young adults. Services include:

asian dad and son autumniStock_000030362680Small







Adults on the Spectrum

We offer services to adults, including counseling and family support. Please feel free to discuss with us your specific needs and concerns.

  • Counseling
  • Family Support
  • Skill Development

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Serving the Seattle area for more than a decade.
The MindSource Center, LLC, is now a State of Washington licensed Counseling & Autism Treatment (ABA) Agency

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