Rudy Lorber

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Rudy Lorber

Dr. Rudy Lorber, Ph.D., ABPP


…with neurological and developmental disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, attentional and related difficulties, severe Learning Disabilities, and social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. These evaluations identify and document an individual’s strengths as well as challenges, and thus yield very specific recommendations to be implemented by schools and medical and healthcare providers. Dr. Lorber also provides short-term research-based parent-mediated interventions (“Parent Training”) that teach parents specific techniques to increase their child’s positive/adaptive behaviors and decrease problematic or maladaptive behaviors.

Phone:  253-394-2885

Insurance:  Only Private Pay

Brochure: LSNS_Brochure


Serving the Seattle area for more than a decade.
The MindSource Center, LLC, is now a State of Washington licensed Counseling & Autism Treatment (ABA) Agency

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